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Azhand International Construction Chemicals Company is honored to introduce its products that have no competitive in quality and price. By presenting its different products to executors of concrete structures, this company has taken an efficient step in increasing quality, durability and resistance of these kinds of structures and also in solving the problems of their production.
Although utilization of these products in big concrete projects, and its confirmation by laboratories of creditable universities have guaranteed the quality of these products, but in order to gain consumers trust and certainty, technical specialists of this company will test all the products in the desired location of consumers and will also teach them how to utilize the products.
As we all know, today, lack of durability and low resistance of concrete structures against natural events and the high prices of their primary material have turned to a big problem. We ensure you that consuming our products will both increase quality and also reduce costs for you.

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Received the International Quality Crown Award in the Gold Category

In recognition of Commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation.

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