Concrete Admixtures

Grouts and Mortars

Shield for Concrete Surfaces

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Shotcrete Admixtures

Mould Release and Curing Compounds

Epoxy Adhesives and Mortars

Joint Sealing and Waterstop


Product list:


1-concrete admixtures:


    A) Super plasticizer and intense concrete water reducer: 

Vistasolar® 705

New generation super plasticizer on the basis of ether poly carboxylate


Daracrete® 303ML

Concrete super plasticizer


Daracrete® 750

Super plasticizer and high concrete water reducer


Daracrete® 107R

Special Super plasticizer, high concrete water reducer and slow setting


    B) Concrete plasticizers:

            Asrin® N284

            Plasticizer and concrete water reducer


            Asrin® R460

            Plasticizer and water reducer with slow setting function


          C)  Quick setting admixtures


Chloride free quick setting admixture (special antifreeze for reinforced concrete)


       D) Concrete air-entrainment

Anair® 860

Liquid air-entrainment


Anair® 880

Concrete air-entrainment ASTM C260



2- Grouts:


Azhand® HS80

Non-shrinkage cement base grout with very high strength


Azhand® GP

Non-shrinkage cement base grout with high strength



3- Mold Release and Curing Compounds:


Masterfinish® 207

Mold oil


Ultrakure® (101,102,103)

Concrete surface curing substance on a petroleum resin basis


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